Leading transformations: Manage change | Online Course Support

‘All the worlds a stage, and we are but players on it’ (William Shakespeare) means influencing change requires: S​elect all those that apply.


Yes! Influencing others is an art, and it involves engaging both hearts and minds, in others and yourself. Chameleons may be more ready to undertake such activities, yet this does not guarantee they are good at it. True-to-Selfers may feel it is not the ‘real job’, but despite the discomfort they may feel, it is important for them to step up and develop this understanding and capabilities.


Yes! This is precisely the case. In public, organisations (and those who lead them) must be able to convince stakeholders that the change initiative is well-managed, well-led, going according to plan and delivering on outcomes. In the informal backstage arena, considerable work needs to be done to make this possible. This is work the ‘public’ don’t see, don’t want to see, and which if they did see would undermine the credibility of the change initiative. Both activities are crucial. Those more Chameleon may find it easier moving from one to the other. 

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