Leading transformations: Manage change | Online Course Support

When we are involved in a change initiative, we need to: Select all that apply.


Yes! We must be aware of and sensitive to things going wrong while we are acting. Some of us act blindly and automatically, inattentive to context or other people. This can be dangerous. We miss picking up small signs and addressing them before they become a bigger problem. Being ready to ‘look at ourselves while acting’, even with a smile on our face, is a vital learning ability.


Yes! Rapid and responsive learning requires that we spend time considering how we might improve or avoid the problems we encountered next time. ‘Insanity’, they say, ‘is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome.’ If we want to avoid ‘Groundhog Day’, then we need to reflect on how well we have done, often as close to the action in time and space as possible. Continuous improvement requires ongoing reflection, discerning patterns, exploring causes and developing new strategies.


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