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I have successfully completed another great course named Marketing In Digital World  of present time. This course consists of 4 week. In this post you will get Marketing In Digital World Quiz Answer that are 100% Correct.


Marketing in a Digital World

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Marketing In Digital World Quiz Answer


Exercise Quiz:

1.Which of the following statement about Lego and Lego Ideas is CORRECT?

  • Lego Ideas platform allows fans to support product ideas.
  • Lego was established in 1948.
  • Lego was founded in Belgium.
  • Lego Ideas platform was launched in 2013.


2.How many supporters does it take for Lego experts to officially review a product idea?

  • 5,000 supporters
  • 100 supporters
  • 1,000 supporters
  • 10,000 supporters


3.What categories of feedback can you leave private feedback to the creator on a Lego product idea page? (Select all that apply)

  • Design aspiration
  • Details
  • Building techniques
  • Originality


4.According to, how many supporters does a product idea need to reach before the idea can be reviewed by expert?

  • 100 supporters
  • 5,000 supporters
  • 1,000 supporters
  • 10,000 supporters


5. On which section of the Lego Ideas website can you explore various Lego ideas?

  • Product ideas
  • Contests
  • Staff picks
  • Most supported


6. In what ways do you think Lego Ideas website helps Lego as a company for its product?

What do you think?

It helps to improve the quality of product


Module 1 Review Quiz


1.What are the two key steps in the co-creation process?

  • Financial reward and social recognition
  • Contribution and social recognition
  • Contribution and selection
  • Stimulation and financial reward


2. Which of the following are key concepts for the Product portion of the marketing mix?

  • Product quality
  • Managing a firm’s product line
  • Product service support
  • All of the above


3. In my research on the topic of customer co-creation, my colleague Matt O’Hern and I identified four different types of customer co-creations as illustrated by a 2×2 matrix.

Which of the following types of co-creation are NOT included in this matrix:

  • Fixing
  • Co-designing
  • Collaborating
  • Submitting


4. In addition to giving rides to passengers, which of the following additional offerings are provided by Uber:

  • Food delivery service
  • Transportation by motorcycle in a number of countries such as India, Indonesia, and Pakistan
  • Subsidiary that allows individuals to rent bicycles
  • All of the above


5. The sharing economy is defined as “technology-enabled platforms that provide users with temporary access to resources that may be crowdsourced.” This definition has which of the following key components:

  • Inherently digital in nature
  • Temporary access rather than permanent ownership
  • Resources that are accessed are often (but not always) owned by external individuals.
  • All of the above


6. The Chicago-based t-shirt manufacturer, Threadless, has no design staff. All of its t-shirts are designed and selected by its customers using a web-based platform. What approach does Threadless use for both product development and branding decisions?

  • Firm-centered approach
  • Brand managers decide themselves
  • Customer co-creation approach
  • None of the above


7. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the concept of co-creation?

  • Most successful co-creation efforts reward successful co-creators just financially.
  • To successfully employ co-creation, firms need to enhance some controls and be more secretive about their product development activities.
  • Contributions made by customers assist a firm in the design and development of a new product offering.
  • Customers usually care about your products and have incentive to spend their valuable time giving your ideas.


8.What is the meaning of prosumer?

  • Producer & consumer
  • Producer & summary
  • Program & consumer
  • Production & summary


9. What type of co-creation does Lego use in its Ideas.Lego platform?

  • Submitting
  • Tinkering
  • Collaborating
  • Designing



10. In the reading, Eckhardt, G. M., & Bardhi, F. (2015, January 28). The sharing economy isn’t about sharing at all. Harvard Business Review, Sharing is described as a form of social exchange that takes place among people known to each other, without any profit.

  • True
  • False


Marketing In Digital World Quiz Answer

Week- 1 All Assignment

Peer-graded Assignment: Case Study Peer-graded Assignment: Threadless

1. Is Threadless a success or failure?

Threadless was one of the central Internet-based, custom-garments of clothing associations, and it generally fights with associations that either enable client creation or pick structures by competition. Considering the possibility of co-creation, it was one of its sorts when it was started in 2000. As I would like to think, Threadless is a triumph in light of the fact that –

1. Threadless has been viably working throughout ongoing decades.

2. The association had in excess of 2 million enrolled customers on their site, got in excess of 69,211 passages, and printed structures from 289 skilled workers it has one of the greatest fashioner customer networks.

2. How does today’s digital world impact (both positively and negatively) Threadless’ co-creation strategy?

Threadless’ co-creation technique has had noteworthy positive and negative effects in the present computerized world.


– 4.57 billion are on the web which is 59% of the full scale people balance that with 5 years earlier with 3.6 billion people, more people are on the web thusly the market for threadless has extended gigantically.

– With the world moving more towards the serious time, a huge amount of free devices is available on the web for making surprising arrangements without having any particular data subsequently making it less difficult for people to contribute.

– With the rising of web based life, sharing has gotten less complex and direct, an ever-expanding number of people like to share and make new things, this could raise a positive area for the associations reliant on co-creation, for instance, threadless.


– Since the acceptance of design in threadless is low they will presented to more social investigation and negative criticism from both their locale and possibilities customers.

3. How could Threadless improve its co-creation strategy? What tactics or tools could they use to enhance their success?

Co-creation truly implies permitting the clients into the floor of advancement and creation and not similarly as end-clients.

– Instead of the fixed installment for the picked plan, the particular level of the deals ought to go to the buyer who planned the T-shirt. This will empower the craftsmen also to set up their own fan base and market.

– The inspiration for individuals to upvote any plan is fundamentally not there. In the event that it has a particular impetus for the individuals to participate in these stages, it will support them too.

– Customer thoughts ought not be straightforwardly excused yet ought to be acknowledged in any case the client could stay away for the indefinite future to the brand until kingdom come. Speaking with the clients is truly significant and should misbehave or possibly recognize the objections of the clients.


Marketing In Digital World Quiz Answer


Exercise Quiz:


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Allowing user to contribute its website helps promote Wikipedia as an organization through creating a lot of useful content

Module 2 Review Quiz

  1. Promotion entails which of the following activities?
  • Personal selling
  • Sales promotion
  • Word of mouth
  • All of the above


2. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the videos as a company that utilizes User Generated Content (or UGC)?

  • Camelbak
  • Warby Parker
  • Little big planet
  • GoPro


3. Of all of the different types of User Generated Content (or UGC), product reviews appear to have the strongest impact on consumer purchasing decisions.

  • True
  • False


4. GoPro strategically uses User Generated Content (or UGC) by holding contests that ask their customers to submit:

  • Photos or videos that they have taken with their cameras
  • Articles and papers
  • Actually items
  • None of the above


5. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of User-Generated Content (or UGC)?

  • Helps keep a firm’s content fresh
  • Low cost
  • Enhanced technological performance
  • Positively related to product sales


6. The practical recommendations of Doppleganger Brand Image include which of the following?

  • Monitor digital cues
  • Identify and track brand avoiders
  • Develop and test a new story
  • All of the above


7. What is the meaning of a Doppelganger?

  • Double person
  • Double trouble
  • Double walker
  • None of the above.


8. As discussed in the Doppelganger Brand Image lecture video, which of the following is NOT an example of a brand that has been the target of a Doppelganger Brand Image?

  • New Pepsi Logo
  • FUH2 Champaign
  • Coca Cola
  • United Airline


9. Approximately how many different languages is Wikipedia available in?

  • 100
  • 300
  • 200
  • 10


10. As discussed in the reading Holt, D. (2016). Branding in the age of social media. Harvard Business Review, in 2011 Coca Cola announced a new marketing strategy called:

  • Solid & Linked
  • Liquid & Linked
  • Liquid & Solid
  • Chain & Linked


Marketing In Digital World Quiz Answer

Week-2 All Assignment

Peer-graded Assignment: Case Study Peer-graded Assignment: GoPro

1. What are the secrets behind the success of GoPro’s UGC strategy?

GoPro is one of those organizations that have effectively executed the UGC procedure for advancing itself as of late. Coming up next are the explanations behind its prosperity:

1. It gives motivating forces to the clients who have contributed a ton to GoPro’s USG technique.

2. It likewise organizes various challenges to inspire the clients for sharing their recordings.

3. The clients can without much of a stretch add to the organization’s system since they don’t need to make new recordings for these challenges.

4. The organization is additionally supporting the fledglings through posting rules on its site.


2. What lessons can other firms learn from GoPro’s UGC strategy?

Different firms should remember the effective activity of GoPro and case of many other UGC receiving firms. These organizations have moved from the conventional techniques for advancement to the more computerized ones and some are as yet receiving a blend of both special strategies to cover an a lot more extensive crowd. Thusly, different firms who are as yet depending upon the business TV promotions ought to understand that it is not, at this point a compelling method of persuading the expected clients. Thus they likewise need to search for updates in their limited time procedures by receiving more advanced ones, for example, UGC-as potential

clients are more pulled in towrsds such promoting techniques.


3. How could GoPro improve its UGC strategy?

I think GoPro can be better ready to impact the clients on the off chance that it remunerates all the UGC benefactors whether they are applauding the organization or are recommending a few enhancements to GoPro. Doing this will cause clients to understand that these UGCs are not bais and will be more propelled to make buys by observing a greater part of positive audits. Besides, the GoPro can embrace a great deal of late examinations and scientists that have recommended a few different ways to improve UGC as a method of doing advancement. Likewise, they could lease some new cameras to the regular purchasers consequently of surveys as it will propel the

clients to do visit buys and furthermore to evaluate new cameras that regularly need audits in light of less surveys.



Marketing In Digital World Quiz Answer

Module 3 Review Quiz

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