1.  Why would someone prefer MQTT over HTTP for IoT?


  • MQTT is data-centric as opposed to document-centric like HTTP. 
  • MQTT enhances the whole IoT system because when one client is not working the rest of the system continues to work. 
  • HTTP guarantees delivery of messages, MQTT does not.
  • MQTT is better than HTTP for resource constrained devices. 


2.  Which of the following are characteristics of MQTT?


  • MQTT includes the topic in the message. 
  • Compared to HTTP, MQTT does not easily scale.
  • MQTT keeps the channel open even when messages are not being sent.


3. Which of the following are characteristics of HTTP?


  • HTTP is lighter weight than MQTT 
  • Regardless of which communication protocol you choose HTTP or MQTT) Cloud IoT Core offers the same features.
  • HTTP requests first check recipient availability before sending a message.

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