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Sensors and Devices

1.  You are designing an IoT system that measures a number of environmental factors in factory: light, temperature, oxygen levels, air particle levels, and humidity.

You plan on placing sensors/devices in each room of the factory. For larger rooms you will place more sensors/devices (up to 10 in the assembly area).

What format should you use to send the data to the cloud?



  • Send data for each device individually.
  • Send the data by room.
  • It depends on the situation, a case can be made for either option. 


2. What are some tasks that you should consider carefully when designing an IoT network.


  • Receiving telemetry data, sending device commands, updating devices.
  • Receiving telemetry data. Sending commands and updates happens so rarely, this is not a major concern in IoT network design.
  • Receiving telemetry data and sending commands. Updates happen so rarely, this is not a major concern in IoT network design



3.  When designing an IIoT network, you need to think about the future. Check all the characteristics that will contribute to an agile network.



  • Use standard communication protocols that will make it easier to upgrade to new devices. 
  • Use custom communication protocols that reduce latency and increase communication options.
  • The ability of the cloud side of the network to scale for streaming data.
  • The ability to pay just for what you use on a cloud network.

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