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Refer to the Jabri (2017). The Daffodil Inn case – a change situation confronting the Daffodil hotel chain. Which of the following are ‘below the waterline’ cultural and political elements in the ‘As Is’ state at Daffodil? Select all that apply.


Yes! In operations, there are signs of the arrogance of housekeeping managers and tension with employees. The actions of Deborah and the interactions between her, Jim and Jade are also revealing. Jade reacts dismissively to her subordinates’ expression of concerns, Deborah leaps to suggesting self-managing teams based on her readings for a course without directly addressing housekeeper’s ideas or asking Jim, who is reticent.


Correct! If Deborah is right, Daffodil staff used to have pride in facilities and services but have lost it. The HR manager confirmed this in interviews. The rapid increase in turnover may also indicate this to be the case.


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