Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising | Online Course Support

Lisa is writing copy for an ad she plans to run on Facebook to promote her stationery shop. She’s beginning to organize her copy, starting with creating an interesting and engaging opening to draw new customers in. What should she look to accomplish in the opening? (Select all that apply)


Correct! Lisa uses this pain point as a hook to direct her audience to her eclectic and curated selection of stationery.


Correct! While she doesn’t have to directly address her audience in a proper sentence, she should make sure that the people she wants to reach have an easy time understanding her ad is for them.


Correct! It is important for Lisa to connect with her audience on an emotional level, as well as a practical one. Mentioning special holidays or life events (weddings, birthdays, marriages) might draw people into her store, as well as financial incentives like discounts and holiday specials.

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