Leading transformations: Manage change | Online Course Support

It is one thing to don a leadership mask, and it is another to exercise leadership of the change cycle fully. The difference involves:


Yes! The full exercise of leadership involves creating useful maps and effective mirrors as well as giving influential leadership performances.  


Yes! It is one thing to understand the importance of giving authentic motivational performances. It is quite another thing to create the time, energy and resources necessary to make these a success, and ensure the risks assumed are worthwhile. It is an important part of the broader exercise of leadership.


Yes! Leadership performances are challenging, especially given the difficulties many have with performing effectively and authentically ‘on stage’. It is particularly the case when faced with widespread change cynicism or fatigue, and multiple audiences with different interests and perspectives. Being mindful of these barriers and the challenges of acquiring the information and space necessary to bring about a successful performance is essential. 

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