Fun Quiz

IoT Networks

 1.  What are some of the functions that can be performed by an IoT gateway?


  • To connect devices to the cloud 
  • To perform machine learning 
  • To store data from devices for fast analysis on the Edge
  • To perform real-time analytics 

 2.  What makes IoT data valuable?


  • The data can be collected and stored for future analysis
  • IoT data is valuable because it can be readily used in machine learning models.
  • The data can give insights into real world situations.
  • Massive amounts of data is collected real time.

 3.   A delivery company wants to add localization intelligence to its IoT network. It has 1000 drivers and trucks, but in the next few years it wants to add self driving trucks.

As it is designing its network, what are some things it should keep in mind?


  • Increased storage needs of the self driving trucks
  • Connecting a new generation of devices into an existing IoT network. 
  • Changing traffic patterns over time
  • Creating a communication bottleneck when adding the self driving trucks 


4.   An IoT network is used to predict electricity usage in a smart city. The network has one million devices sending data to the cloud. The  network designers have added predictive usage to the network. Which means, depending upon the usage predictions, the network will turn off air conditioning and lights in low use buildings.


  • Initial tests of the network are showing the bottlenecks in data processing. What could the designers do to fix this problem?
  • Move the prediction tasks from the cloud to the devices. 
  • Increase the maximum capacity of the data processing inputs.
  • Use a fast storage option to quickly store data, then analyze it during non-peak times.


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