Fun Quiz

Internet of Things Use Cases


  1. Take a moment to ponder some of the uses of IoT: predictive maintenance, industry safety solutions, building and home automation, remote patient monitoring, asset tracking, and fraud detection.


  • All of these uses have a common theme that is the reason IoT is garnering so much attention. What is it?
  • All the use cases employ sensors in new and unique ways
  • All the use cases use machine learning or artificial intelligence, which is an incredibly fast growing field.
  • All the use cases are gaining insights about an environment that cannot be obtained any other way.


 2. Why has IoT become so popular in the last few years?


  • Better cloud IoT architectures and integrated data analysis tools have led to more insights from IoT data. 
  • Better sensor technology has led to better data gathering.
  • Better and more accessible ML and AI models have increased the need for IoT.



 3. Which of the following characteristics are crucial for an IoT network?


  • An IoT network must be capable of scaling quickly.
  • An IoT network must be able to process and store data quickly. 
  • An IoT network must be capable of doing machine learning at the device level.
  • An IoT device must use a gateway to connect to the cloud.


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