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Evaluating change is compared to the creative and artistic use of a context-specific Hall of Mirrors because… Select all that apply.


Yes! The image of a Hall of Mirrors highlights that what we are involved in is a personal process of reflection. We obtain images that we may or may not appreciate, with distortions that shock or amuse us. Moreover, like all reviews of performances, what we get is a partial and subjective option rather than an objective analysis.


Yes! The image of a Hall of Mirrors highlights that all reflections are partial, they are personal in nature, and they allow us to look at ourselves and what we are doing from different perspectives.


Yes! We need to be constantly aware of the limitations of all measures, the context within which measuring takes place and the partiality of all viewpoints on progress. Simple measures are essential, and the creativity involved in crafting out measures that are simple enough to be accessible yet sophisticated enough to be credible is considerable.

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