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According to Ron Carucci, in the article “Executives Fail to Execute Strategy Because They’re Too Internally Focused,” what are some issues with leaders being too internally focused? Select all that apply.


New strategies frequently need new systems and procedures put in place for successful implementation. Strategic changes require deep changes in the way the company works and employees think. Often, leaders try to implement new strategies without taking down old systems and putting up new ones. This leads to failure. Therefore, this option is correct.


Leaders often do not acknowledge that strategy is often about making compromises that prioritize some goals at the expense of others. When leaders have trouble letting a goal go even though it does not fit into the organization’s strategy, they are diluting their organization’s implementation efforts and overestimating the organization’s capacity to reach its goals.


Leaders often spend too much of their time resolving conflicts and scanning budgets and reports rather than spending most of their reviewing and discussing strategy. This often results in leaders not truly understanding how their organization is positioned relative to their competition. Therefore, this option is correct.

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