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How to Write and Publish Scientific Paper Answer

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Week- 2

Literature Review



Question 1
How would you define the knowledge frontier? (only one good answer)

1 point

  • Your own progression in terms of scientific knowledge
  • The separation between different types of results (qualitative vs quantitative)
  • The separation between what is known and what is unknown in terms of scientific knowledge
  • The separation between different academic fields and scientific communities

Question 2
What quote below could be used to represent scientific research? (one good answer)

1 point

  • “Since we cannot know all that there is to be known about anything, we ought to known a little about everything”
  • “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail”
  • “The limits of my language means the limits of my world”
  • “If I have seen further, It is by standing on the shoulders of giants”

Question 3
What different dimensions of originality could you think of for your academic paper? (several good answers)

1 point

  • Leading new empirical work
  • Producing an original synthesis
  • Leading trans-disciplinary research
  • Interpreting known ideas in a new ways
  • Finding a new field of research



Main ideas


Question 1
What is the first thing to do to in order to find references? (one good answer)

1 point

Ask to advisor, colleagues for references

Ask your research question to google

Think about keywords that fits your research question

Question 2
How to read an article? (several good answers)

1 point

With a highlighter, to highlight the most important ideas, concepts…

With your memory, because you remember everything

With a pen and a paper (or any other medium, notebook, computer, etc.)

With someone talking with you in the same time about completely something else



The Gap?


Question 1
How would you define the literature gap? (one good answer)

1 point

A hole between two scientific papers

A too well documented theoretical space that you need to mobilize for your paper

A blank theoretical space, that you really hope at least to partially fill thanks to your paper

The reason why researchers don’t understand the problem you want to resolve

Question 2
How would you define the research question? (one good answer)

1 point

The keystone of the paper, a question justifying your literature review, data, methodoly, results and contributions

A theoretical blank space needed to be filled by a research program

A theoretical/empirical element you find in every paper you cite in your academic paper

The question you raise at the end of the paper, to further the academic work started in this paper




Week- 3

The bibliography


Question 1
What is the order of bibliographic elements? (one good answer)

1 point

Author, date, title, journal

Author, title, journal, date

Author, journal, date, title

Title, author, date, journal

It will depend of the targeted journal



Peer-graded Assignment: Peer reviewing of an abstract






Week- 4

Peer-graded Assignment: Now it is your turn: the checking list




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