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Google Cloud Storage

1. You are designing an IoT network and would like to store the streaming data on Google Cloud Storage. You’ll need to access the data several times when it first arrives, but then not at all after that. Which storage class should you use when creating the bucket.


  • Multi-regional for data for frequently accessed data. Coldline for long term storage. 
  • Coldline storage for all the data: frequently accessed and rarely accessed.
  • Regional for frequently accessed data. Nearline for long term data storage.
  • Mutli-regional for frequently accessed data and long term data storage.


2. Which of these statements is a characteristic of Google Cloud Storage


  • Data in Google Cloud Storage is encrypted with a Google managed key. 
  • You can create a hierarchical folder structure in a bucket. You can also create a bucket inside a bucket.
  • When you create a bucket you assign it a storage class, which can never be changed
  • Bucket permissions can be set to allow anyone on the internet access to the bucket. 
  • Google Cloud Storage buckets must have globally unique names. 


3. You are designing a website to show streaming videos. Which Cloud Storage class would be best for the video content?


  • Nearline
  • Multi-regional
  • Cold-line

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