Leading transformations: Manage change | Online Course Support

The value of moving beyond the role of an ‘expert manager’ is it: S​elect all that apply.


Yes! This is the key focus, emphasising the ability to influence yourself is key to your success at influencing others.


Yes! We often yearn for certainty and feel there is something wrong if we are uncertain or things do not go according to plan. Being able to recognise and accept this desire we have, yet not allow it to entrap you into offering simplistic solutions, relapse into an unthinking habit or sticking your head in the sand, is a key change capability. It provides you with the space to respond creatively rather than react dysfunctionally.


Yes! Many managers feel the need to appear to be in control and have all the knowledge to hand. In some situations, this can be overly-stressful, inappropriate, lead to a lack of credibility and demotivate others. Credibility and authority are important, and technical expertise is part of this, but character and capabilities extend beyond this, and this is particularly noticeable in complex and confronting change situations.

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