Leading transformations: Manage change | Online Course Support

Leaders do the right things; managers do things right.’ (Warren Bennis) means effective change agents: S​elect all those that apply.


Yes! Change initiatives will lose credibility and support if people do not believe they are being managed effectively and led well. It is vital managerial and leadership activities are undertaken, but it is essential these are seen to be conducted, and confidence built up rather than undermined. Chameleons traditionally have no issue with this. True-to-Selfers may feel it’s at best a ‘necessary evil’, and at worst ‘superficial PR’.


Yes! There are managerial type tasks to be done, schedules to be created, tasks to be allocated, jobs to be filled, and progress has to be monitored. There are also leadership style actions to be done: a compelling purpose to be created, political coalitions to be built and maintained, anxieties to be handled, hopes and aspirations captured and mobilised, energy and momentum, confidence and meaningfulness all have to be sustained. 

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